“Chance favors the prepared mind”  – Anonymous

Performance Coaching

Dr. Brassington’s Mental Training Program teaches men, women, and children how to achieve peak performances in work, sport, the performing arts, and life. Many performers work endless hours to perfect their skills only to hope that they are in the right frame of minds to make a key presentation, business negotiation, or to execute a hard earned athletic or performing arts skill. His training program involves the application of scientifically supported mental training techniques (e.g., systematic goal setting, relaxation response, visualization, attention control, cognitive restructuring) to teach clients how to access the power of their mind to naturally enhance their performance. How much more successful would you be if you could use the full power of your mind to enhance your performance and well-being? How much healthier would you be if you could perform in a more relaxed physiological state? Dr. Brassington takes the guesswork out of creating the optimal mental state for performance. This frequently gives his clients the edge over their less mentally prepared competitors.

Our clients consistently report improvements in their ability to:

  • Sustain a deep commitment and motivation in the face of adversity.
  • Create confidence, focus, and poise in high pressure situations -The Zone or Flow
  • Recover rapidly from errors and set-backs that are associated with being a peak performer.
  • Reduce muscle tension and physiological arousal in high stress situations.

Common foci of mental training include:

  • Developing Powerful and Motivating Goals
  • Enhancing Focus and Concentration
  • Increasing Confidence
  • Creating Positive Emotions
  • Reducing Muscle Tension in Stressful Situations
  • Overcoming Self-Doubt
  • Reducing Performance Anxiety
  • Reducing Mental Errors
  • Turning the Fear of Failure into the Thrill of Victory
  • Breaking out of a slump
  • Reducing Test Anxiety
  • Improving Organization and Time Management
  • Prevention of mental health complications associated with a high performance lifestyle

In addition to mental training, Dr. Brassington also provide training in:

  • Conflict Resolution
  • Job Interviewing
  • Audition Preparation
  • Team Building
  • Health Behavior Change (i.e., sleep, exercise, nutrition)
  • Managing Difficult Employees
  • Developing Team Goals and Mission Statements
  • Workshops for Parents of High-Performance Children

Dr. Brassington has experience working with adults, adolescents, and children. He works with individuals and small group. He provides lectures and workshops for corporations, schools, medical groups, sports and performing arts organizations.

Dr. Brassington is available for consultation. Call 650.469.1220 or email.