“I am the master of my fate; I am the captain of my soul.” – William Ernest Henley

Examples of Keynote Addresses, Public Lectures, and Workshops given by Dr. Brassington

A small examples of the types of groups that Dr. Brassington has delivered lectures and workshops to include: corporations (e.g., Apple, HP, Roche, Cisco), elementary schools (e.g., Christ the King Elementary School, Woodside Elementary, Magnolia Middle School), physicians (e.g., Palo Alto Medical Foundation, Hospital for Special Surgery/Cornel Medical School, Pediatric Sport Medicine Conferences), Community Organizations (e.g., Stanford Blood Bank, Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital, Committee on the Shelterless), and school districts (e.g., Santa Clara School District Teacher Training).

Excellence Is No Accident: Mental Skills Training for Work, Sport, and Life

cdcoverLearn to apply the mental training techniques used by the World’s Greatest Athletes, Performing Artists, and Business Men and Women to enhance your performance at work, in sports, and in life. In this course, Dr. Brassington teaches you how to create lasting motivation, focus your attention, overcome fatigue, enhance your mood, build confidence, and effectively manage setbacks. You will be asked to complete a pre-course questionnaire to assess attributes related to peak performance. During the course, you will implement a mental skills training program used by thousands of the most successful people in the world to achieve goals that will have an enduring positive influence on the quality and success of your life.

Power Sleep

square_Performance4The quality of your sleep affects your emotional and physical well-being, relationships, and your effectiveness in the workplace. Dr. Brassington will teach you how to achieve high quality sleep so that you can lead a more satisfying and successful life. You will learn how to fall asleep quickly, sleep deeply throughout the night, and awake feeling refreshed and prepared to achieve results that will make a difference in your personal and professional life. A wide range of successful people (e.g., Olympic athletes, corporate executives, older adults, and children) have improved their work performance and life after applying the principles outlined in the Power Sleep Seminar. Whether you are having trouble sleeping or want to increase the quality and depth of your sleep, the Power Sleep Seminar is for you.

Parenting for Enjoyment, Creativity and Success

square_Performance2Effective parenting helps children develop the necessary skills (e.g., physical, emotional, social, intellectual, and interpersonal, etc.) to fully express their abilities and have a positive impact on the world around them. Arguably the two most fundamental attributes of successful people are a deep sense of trust in their abilities and a passion for pursuing a particular endeavor. This workshop will teach you how mindfulness and mental training can help your child achieve their full potential. You will learn the strategies that elite athlete, performing artists, and other professionals use to thrive in our highly competitive and stressful world.

Creativity Triggers and Creating a Culture of Innovation

small_image_innovatThis workshop teaches the principles and attitudes that are fundamental to creating a work environment and culture that fosters innovation in the design of products of services. In these workshops, Dr. Brassington translates current scientific research into effective strategies for building high performance work teams, motivating employees, and effectively managing difficulty work relationships. See his consulting on Innovation page to read more.

Psychology of the Body

square_PerformanceFor centuries, philosophers, physicians, psychologists, and other health care professionals have described the profound effects of thoughts, attitudes, behaviors, and emotions on human health and well-being. Recently, advanced technologies have made it possible to explore, from a scientific perspective, how the mind hurts and heals the body. In this workshop, we will seek to answer the question of how psychological processes contribute to the prevention and treatment of disease and the promotion of well-being and happiness. This workshop will also discuss current scientific findings from health psychology, and other related disciplines (e.g., neuroscience, spirituality, nutritional science) and learning practical techniques and strategies for improving health and wellbeing. Students will leave the workshop with a set of tools they can use to enhance psychological factors that will have a profound impact on the length and quality of participants’ lives and the lives of their families.